CA State EMS issues you a state card, but you also need an Orange County EMS Certification. 


This can be confusing, maybe you finished EMT School and used the OC EMS site to get your state card, but you need both a state and county certificate, you may have to log in and apply for your county cert after applying for your state cert. 

Go to OCMEDS Licensing (click the button), log into your account or create a new one.

Apply for your OC Ambulance Drivers & Attendants Cert. 

You will need copies of the following, signed front and back when applicable; 

  • ID 

  • CPR 

  • EMT School Certificate of Completion (if completed in Orange County)

    • IF YOUR EMT SCHOOL WAS NOT IN ORANGE COUNTY, you will need to take a CE Class for Orange County, click the link to the right for a great and cheap school

    • We will reimburse your costs if hired with Horizon 

If you do not have a CA State EMT Card you will also need; 

  • Skills (new EMTS who have no state card)

  • EMT Live Scan (new EMTS who have no state card)

  • NREMT Card (new EMTS who have no state card)