Becoming an Ambulance Drivers

This is not the same as the OC Ambulance Drivers & Attendants Application. This done through the DMV.

1st Get a live Scan, - this can be done at any live scan location, just download and fill in the form form the link below, and google live scan near me. 



2nd Get a DOT Medical Examiners Physicals, if you are employee, as a supervisor after conducting your live scan and we will send you to our clinic, if you are not an employee, just google DOT Medical Examiners near me, confirm the cost  (should never exceed $75.00).

3rd STUDY; 




4th, Go to the DMV with a COPY, (make a copy) of your medical examiners form and take the test. (WAIT 3 business days after conducting the live scan; takes 3 days for data base to update)

Are you already an ambulance driver, work with us and get $250